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You, as the most important person in your life!
Spaß im Regen


Have you made the choice to put yourself at the center of your life?

Would you like very personal support in your personal growth, change your life or make your business much more successful? 

In the VIP accompaniment I am personally there for you. We create for a certain time in personal contact what you want to open up, change or achieve.

The VIP escort is for:

  • personal development & growth

  • Creation of a more successful business

  • Off & Further training in the field of coaching 

  • Facilitation, Energy & awareness work

  • Corporate Consulting 

 What you can achieve with my 12-week VIP coaching program:

  • You're learning againrecognition andAppreciation to have for yourself

  • self worth andself lovewill be reopened and you know how to promote it.

  • You take over individual responsibility for you and your lifeindividual responsibility

  • You experience how you interact with other people from the bottom of your heartAllow can be

  • You let go of the past, allow yourself out of itFreedom build your future out of the "now".

  • your naturalenjoyment of life andease in all areas of your life, is activated

  • you gainclarityandcourageto make your decisions

  • You open yourself to all yoursemotionsand learn how to deal with them and how they can support you in everyday life

  • and much more

  What you can experience in the 12 weeks:

  • 1 kickoff coaching (location, goals) 60 minutes, live or online

  • 6 individual live sessions on both a mental and physical level on the topic

  • 12 energy boosters via audio

  • Implementation and integration worksheets

  • Audio recordings of the sessions

  • Audio clearing loops

  • Emergency phone via WhatsApp or Skype​

What if your life was all about you?
what would you choose

 What I expect from you:

  • The conscious choice to consciously choose the 3 months for you and take your time for it!

  • readiness for self-reflection

  • Being open to something totally new 

  • Openness to expanding your consciousness

  • To be ready to really want to change something

  • The personal responsibility to take part in the challenge 

 your advantages

  • Individual 1:1 support

  • Sustainable and profound change

  • Consecutive coaching

  • Simple tools and tools for everyday life

  • Recordings for repetition 

  • Stay tuned by challenge

  • Written documents for process support

  • Emergency phone via WhatsApp or Skype

 Your contribution

  • Please plan about 3 - 5 hours per week for your challenge

  • The compensation amounts to: CHF 3'333.- once or CHF 1'121.- in 3 monthly installmentspersonal facilitator

Princess Puppy
Inform youNOWfor a VIP SPECIAL personally for YOU!


Now is the time to acknowledge YOU as the most important person in YOUR life!

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