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A day that can change everything!


An exclusive day of departure that is all about YOU! 

What if a major change in your life required just a moment of choice? 

What if it were very easy and you only had to allow yourself to change?

What if it was a lot easier than you think it is?

This day is equipped with an individual accompaniment for you on the mental, intellectual level, on the spiritual, energetic level and on the physical level. 

I am present for you for 8 hours. We talk, transform, clarify topics, I accompany you into a new awareness of your topic and open up new spaces of possibilities with 2 integrated body processes.

This is about connecting to you as the source of your life's creation. A day full of opportunities, insights, transformation and change! 

With each person embodying more of themselves, new unimaginable avenues open up for themselves and for the world. What possibilities would your choice "to be yourself" open up?

 What to expect

  • Kick-off session with integrated transformation on your topic

  • 2 body processes 

  • Tasks, exercises & Challenges, which are executed directly

  • Opening up new possibilities with "Verbal Processing"

  • Group lunch

  • Audio recordings of clarification and transformation sentences

  • Impulses, inspirations and "homeplay" for at home

  • Aftercare for four weeks by phone, WhatsApp and email

What is truly possible in one day that you cannot imagine is possible, that if you allowed the possibilities, a whole new reality would actualize itself?

 What I expect from you

  • Motivation to really change something

  • Willingness to get involved in something completely new

  • Your will to let go of old patterns, blocks and beliefs

  • Openness to expanding your consciousness

  • Courage to get involved in my tasks and challenges

  • This one day is just for you! On this day you have no other appointments, the phone stays off if possibleconsciousness trainer


 Your contribution

  • 8 hours of your time

  • Your compensation is CHF 1,221.00 once or CHF 415.- in 3 installmentsconsciousness trainer


Reaching Out an der Sonne
Find out NOW without obligation about yours
"Day of Change"
A day that can change everything!
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