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Lisa Mueller

I love my work, I make no secret of that.



You can read how I got there here. Maybe I can inspire you with my story.


As the youngest of a family of 9, I grew up in the beautiful Bavarian Allgäu. I experienced an eventful and dynamic childhood. I left my parents' house at the age of 18 because I always knew: "There must be more!" I felt the urge to discover more and traveled to many different places and countries, both privately and professionally. Among other things, I came to beautiful Switzerland and have been at home here for over 20 years.

I have my affinity and my thirst for knowledge for mental, consciousness and energy work early on

with many books, training courses, seminars and workshops and have thus also got to know a wide variety of modalities. I am very interested in people and have therefore always chosen a profession to work and get in touch with a wide variety of people.

Many people and employers have told me that I could settle down more and I decided to stay a little "longer", pack my bags and go for a "normal" life.
In my late twenties, I got caught up in the maelstrom of everyday life faster than I realized. I've become a "follower" of society, started ignoring my personal needs and put my affinities and preferences on the back burner.

I've started, in different areas of my life,comparing myself to others, which caused me to start projecting my values very outwardly and lost all of themSense of my true self, for what makes me special and for what I really am. So I made the goals of others mine and lost my individuality. I ignored my heart's desires and wanted to please everyone.

My life gradually became more difficult and finally I became ill. Both my body and my mind went on strike and I could hardly feel joy and gratitude. I got to a point

I realized that I couldn't stand it much longer.

I desperately looked for support and help, which was not easy in the jungle of so many modalities on offer.


"It's about the recognition,  to recognize oneself again as a valuable gift."

But my decision was made. I wanted to change that! I decided to live again. To invite liveliness, joy and gratitude into my life! 

This conscious choice opened up new paths for me and with the help of a wide variety of mental and consciousness techniques, I was able to regain my balance step by step and my body was able to heal again.  I even came out of this situation stronger than ever before and I was allowed to learn so much that is truly possible. I have invited my awareness of being happy, successful and easy back into my life and am going my way today with a completely new perspective.

This led me to accompany other people. People who struggle through the structures and have lost their focus of themselves. Those who could no longer feel joy, happiness and lightness and were no longer aware of their abilities, talents and greatness. 

Through this work, I was able to realize that I have the ability to open spaces to take on new perspectives, to invite possibilities and to show people how to regain their own strength, knowledge and permission, and recognize and use their skills and talents can. 

So today I can draw on years of experience to help people regain their original power and strength, to accept themselves as the source of everything and to live their full potential and resources. So that they can invite and choose more ease, success, joy and quality of life in their areas of life, whether private or professional.

  "What really makes me happy is when I see

   what my customers have achieved with my contribution".

Maybe you feel the same and you are at a point in your life where you have distanced yourself from yourself. Get in touch with me without obligation. I look forward to getting to know you and accompanying you on your personal path.

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Dipl. Mental & Personality Coach MPI

Cert. Relaxation Therapist

Cert. Access Consciousness® Facilitator

Cert. Bars®  Facilitator

Cert. Facelift® Facilitator

Cert. Access Body Process® Facilitator

Cert. Access Being You the Adventure® Facilitator

Cert. Pragmatic Psychology® Practitioner

Cert. innerwise® Coach

Cert. Team Coaching MPI

Cert. Field Reading MPI

Cert. Hypnosis MPI


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